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Hi! I’m Stacey Van Gundy and I’ve been running a profitable Home Decor Artist biz for the past 20+ years. Being a decorative artist is derived from my expansion of knowledge of starting of faux finisher and needing to diversify my business into other decorating platforms as the market changes. I learned how to use my artistic talents in other ways to make more money and be more profitable!

In this training course you will:


  • Learn how to expand your furniture painting biz into the Decorative Artist Industry
  • Learn how to setup and run a profitable Decorative Artist company where I teach you all the planning, organizing, setup and marketing so you have a successful Home Decor Artist Biz
  • This is a total of 8 week course where we meet in person, two evening per week or one 8 hour day.
  • You will have access to some of the best products in the industry.  Golden Paintworks, Textureline, Faux Effects, Modern Masters
  • Take away all the confusion with step by step in-class instruction.  Get hands on training from Stacey so you have the confidence to go out in the field and execute each technique taught
  • Learn how Stacey executes an artistic finish on an actual wall, not just on a sample board!
  • Learn how to properly do a color consult for your clients and help them choose the best color combination for their space.
  • Direct access to Stacey Van Gundy every week in in-person. 
  • You will obtain the courage to create artistic finishes of your very own with confidence!

Build Your Portfolio

Your gonna need a stunning portfolio to wow your clients with and this one is remarkable! These techniques were hand picked so that you will get the most bang for your buck! Every single one you can start using immediately in your artistic painting biz!

    What You Will Get

    You will receive an actual Certified Home Decor Artist Certificate to set you apart in the industry.

    A Certified Decorative Artist Certificate will increase your potential for acquiring clients and provide you with the opportunity for continued education in the Home Decor Artist field.

    The ONLY turn-key Decorative Artist Certification Program available!
    8 weeks of in-person training lessons where you will be required to complete all the workshop samples and worksheets.  You will also be required to complete a quiz on each technique along with trainings.

    “I want you to finish with the absolute best samples and the best information possible so you can succeed in your new career path!”

    Gain Confidence

    Be able to create sensational wall finishes, backsplash tile finishes, countertops and range hoods! No fear in showing this portfolio to even the top designers in your area! Let’s Go!
    I will be there to hold your hand through all of your first experiences from your first meeting to completing the job!

      Frequently Asked Questions


      What if I don’t have time to watch the tutorials live?

      You will have all the videos on the replay so you can go back and watch at your own convenience.

      Will I need to have the program finished at the end of the course?

      No. You will have 6 months after the course ends to complete your certification. You will have access to your version of the course and its content forever.

      I’m a designer, would this be a good fit for me?

      Yes! Many designers have expanded their biz into the Home Decor Artist industry by adding artistic finishes to their repertoire.

      Course Curriculum


      Week 1 – Business 101 – How to set up a successful painting biz!
      Week 2 – “Faux Concrete” / “Venetian Plaster” / “Faux Zinc”
      Module 3 – Networking – The ‘who, what, where” of gaining leads as a decorative artist!
      Week 4 – “Textured Copper” / “Asian Champagne”
      Module 5 – Styling & Staging – Learn how to style and stage for your clients to provide them with the best specialty paint finish for their home!
      Week 6 – “Gilded Leaf” / “Carrara Marble Countertop” / “Speckled Granite Countertop”
      Module 7- “Glittered Sandstone” / “Alberesque Tile Backsplash” / “Vintage Glass”
      Module 8- First Client Meeting – Everything you need to know for a successful first meeting that ends in a sale
      Week 9 – “Gilded Azule” / “Greek Saphire”
      Module 10 – Bidding & Estimating – How to bid jobs successfully to guarantee a profit!
      Week 11 – “Rock the Mica” / “Sophie Grasscloth”

        3 New Techniques With All The Materials Included!


        Vintage Glass Technique
        Asian Champagne Technique
        Rock the Mica Technique

        Learn how to use the most luxurious and professional products in the industry!

        Venetian plaster
        Gold & silver leaf
        Glass beads
        Fine artist acrylics
        Professional artist glazes
        Mica rock

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          Student Testimonials


          I loved the Certified Home Decor Artist Training program. The tutorials are great for people that are just starting out to professionals that want to learn new faux finishes. Stacey’s videos are very easy to follow and understand. Plus she was always happy to take the time and answer any questions I had. Another great benefit is Stacey uses many different products. So not only did I learn finishes, she also provided product knowledge. I have sold many of her designs to clients. I’ve also created my own designs based on her instructions.

          Lisa Louro

          Owner, Lisa Louro Designs

          I had the pleasure of taking Stacey’s staging wall workshop this past year. I have to tell you that I learned so much!

          Her class not only provided instruction on how to create a textured wall finish but also provided tips on lighting, selecting the appropriate wall color, staging, and showcasing you’re painted beauties.

          I highly recommend Stacey, she has years of experience and is a warm and encouraging teacher. Thank you, Stacey!

          Regina Lambert

          Owner, The Salvaged Heart

          Invest In You!

          Stop wasting time and struggling to invest in your painting business!