Top 5 Reasons You Need a Farmhouse Sink AND a Prep Sink

Jun 25, 2020 | Stacey Designs Home | 1 comment

When we started our kitchen remodel, we knew we were going to move the sink to the corner under the new windows. We had already decided on a farmhouse sink and since we were having the cabinet custom built, it was just a matter of picking out a sink and then having the lower cabinet made to fit the space.

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As most things go in remodels, we decided the island wasn’t the best place for a prep sink. We ended up needing to move the stovetop over slightly to accommodate range hood centering. This didn’t leave enough room for even a small sink let alone prep space. We got to thinking…why don’t we just put the prep sink where original sink was? I️ mean…if I️ can’t cut my veggies up and turn around and throw them in a pot, I’m in trouble!

This is a lot larger than a traditional prep sink, but since we left it in original spot, we had the room. This sink does double, sometimes triple duty when we are entertaining. With the built-in colander and cutting board, you can rinse and chop veggies all in one spot. We also use this sink as a pot filler since our cook top is in the island. When we have a crowd it goes into triple overdrive scraping dishes to go in dishwasher. As the dishwasher sets between both sinks. Here is the link to the one we went with:

Since I’ve been dreaming about a cast iron farmhouse sink for as long as I can remember, that’s what we installed as the main sink in our kitchen. This is the hub of all the dishwashing. I’ve always had the standard 2-part sink so the new one basin sink took a little getting used to. I absolutely love the way it looks. There is plenty of room for soaking pots and pans, etc. I do find the cast iron leaves black scuff marks easily so keep some Bar Keepers Friend at the ready.  Here is the link to the one we purchased.

If you fit one or all of the following, two sinks would be a great choice:

  1. Have a single basin – farmhouse style sink means that there is no way to scrape off dishes and wash dishes at the same time.
  2. You can prep food and wash dishes simultaneously with 2 sinks, making cleaning up as you go so much easier.
  3. Two – three people can work in kitchen effortlessly.
  4. Using a separate prep sink keeps all the bacteria from raw meats more contained and not around your clean serving items. ( I always clean my sink with bleach or antibacterial agent when going from prepping raw meat to other food)
  5. It just makes cooking a cleaning up in the kitchen so much easier.