The Decor Artist Club

Are you a furniture painter that’s ready to take your artistic vision to the next level?

Maybe you’re a homeowner with a creative touch yearning to learn how to replicate those high end, designer finishes you see allover Pinterest?

My goal is that you would become confident in your artistic skills so that you can take your work to the next level!

The Decor Artist Club is now open!!!

In this membership you will:

  •  Have access to all of Stacey’s paid tutorials just by joining
  • Get a new high end luxury finish each month!
  • Each month’s workshop is a pre-recorded, detailed tutorial you can watch at your own leisure in your own timing!
  • See what you’ve learned in actual use!  Live training each month using the finish on an actual item.  A wall, furniture, canvas or other home decor!
  • Face to face Q&A where we can troubleshoot anything you need, answer questions about painting techniques, biz questions or on a personal level.
  • Dive deeper into techniques to gain the confidence you need to reproduce in your own home or a clients home
  • Learn how to take a high end wall finish and modify it for cabinetry or furniture or modify a cabinet finish to be done on floors or a countertop
  • How to price your work so it sells AND you make money
  • How to market your work to get more jobs locally and online.
  • Be part of a community of artisans where we can learn from each other.

I can’t wait to help you gain the confidence you need to

Love Your Home and Create Fine Finishes!