Are you a DIYer, crafter, furniture painter or artist looking to enhance your skills and learn new artist techniques?

 Staceys monthly Faux Finish Membership is designed to empower people

like you to unleash their creativity and master the art of faux finishes!


For the love of Design, Decor, and Artistic Finishes!

Hi! I’m Stacey Van Gundy, a Certified Decorative Artisan, faux finisher, fine artist, muralist, business owner and educator.  In my work, I create multi-layered artistic finishes on decor surfaces in peoples homes.  I have had the opportunity to work with designers, homeowners, and contractors for over 20 years. I also offer in-person decorative painting workshops, and online tutorias to teach arts from all different environments the art of decorative painting.  

Become a Member of Stacey’s Faux Finish Club!


Gain access to an exciting world of faux finishes!  Where you can unleash your artistic side and bring your imaginations to life!

What’s Included:


Easy Faux Finish Lessons

Each month you will receive a step-by-step video tutorial showcasing a new faux finish technique on either a piece of furniture, canvas, or a home decor item as simple as a frame or lamp!  ***Each technique will be in simple, easy to follow steps, ensuring you will grasp the concept quickly and achieve fantastic results from the start!  

Convenient Monthly Format

Life can get hectic, which is why our membership delivers a new technique every month, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Each technique is available whenever you’re ready. No pressure, no rush, just pure inspiration to fuel your artistic journey!


Gain access to a vibrant, fun, and non-judgemental community who share a passion for DIY, faux finishes, and artistic expresion!     ****Connect with fellow members, exchange ideas, seek advice and showcase your creations!





Live Q&A’s through ongoing support from Stacey will provide you with invaluable guidance and insider tips.  Ask her anything about faux finishing, business, or personal!


Receive downloadable and printable step-by-step instructions along with a list of products & tools.  Your guide will have detailed instructions on how to create each faux finish and art technique.


Access to all exclusive past tutorials along with live trainings and instructions all through your exclusive app to make learning fun and easy!





Stacey will complete an extra bonus training every month!  It will be an amazing art piece or home decor item of Stacey’s choice.  You can bet it will be fabulous!


Get discounts on Stacey’s exclusive products and classes when you join Stacey’s Faux Finish Club!


 Learn extra techniques from some of the best faux finishers and artists in the industry!


My Commitment To You


I will give you my 150%


 That I will provide you with a fun and nonjudemental environment that you will feel safe to unleash your creativity!


That you will be able to create fabulous faux finishes and learn new art techniques!

Gain access to our complete arsenal of tutorials and over a years worth of trainings as soon as you join!


Vintage Glass Technique
Asian Champagne Technique
Rock the Mica Technique
Stacey’s monthly Faux Finish Membership is designed to empower people like you to unleash their creativity and master the art of faux finishes!


I loved the Certified Home Decor Artist Training program. The tutorials are great for people that are just starting out to professionals that want to learn new faux finishes. Stacey’s videos are very easy to follow and understand. Plus she was always happy to take the time and answer any questions I had. Another great benefit is Stacey uses many different products. So not only did I learn finishes, she also provided product knowledge. I have sold many of her designs to clients. I’ve also created my own designs based on her instructions.

Lisa Louro

Owner, Lisa Louro Designs

I had the pleasure of taking Stacey’s staging wall workshop this past year. I have to tell you that I learned so much!

Her class not only provided instruction on how to create a textured wall finish but also provided tips on lighting, selecting the appropriate wall color, staging, and showcasing you’re painted beauties.

I highly recommend Stacey, she has years of experience and is a warm and encouraging teacher. Thank you, Stacey!

Regina Lambert

Owner, The Salvaged Heart

See you on the other side!

Learn the art of faux finishing!