Shimmer Flakes – Ocean Turquoise


Shimmer Flakes Ocean Turquoise premium mica flakes are the perfect artistic medium for adding shimmer and depth to your creations! Shimmer Flakes are a natural mineral-based sparklers that will elevate your art to new heights. Whether you're the seasoned artist or an enthusiastic beginner, our mica flakes will inspire your imagination and add a tough of magic to your work.

Mica is a silicate mineral with crystalline structure that naturally forms in sheet-like layers. These layers can be separated into thin, shimmering flakes that reflect light and add beautiful luster to any surface. Our mica flakes come in a variety of custom colors, ensuring that you will find the perfect shade for your artistic vision.

Unleash your creativity with Shimmer Flakes! Sprinkle then into your acrylic or oil paints to create captivating metallic effects, or mix them into your resin or epoxy projects for a mesmerizing, three-dimensional finish. Use in your mixed media art or even pottery to achieve a unique, eye-catching look that will set your apart.

Elevate your artwork with captivating beauty of Shimmer Flakes!

Shimmer Flakes come in 15 gram and 30 gram bags. Shimmer Flakes are sold by weight, not by volume. Each flake naturally comes in different sizes.

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15 grams, 30 grams


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