La Dantelle” Textured Paint Tutorial


Learn how to apply this one of kind home decor artistic finish to be used on walls or furniture! This is a one of kind artistic finish tutorial. Learn how to use metallic plaster to create this dramatic effect! Inspired by a wall found at Anthropology and similar to a walls in the South of France! Don't miss out on making your space a romantic paradise! Get the wallpaper look without hanging wallpaper!

You can see from the pictures, I have done this technique on not only walls, but on furniture! Highly versatile and super easy to execute! La Dantelle can be done in any color, I just seam to always pick blue. Perfect for the seasoned professional or novice wanting to up the wow factor in their space.

You will be able to see step by step instructions in a downloadable tutorial along with a detailed supply list of materials and tools used. You will have access to the entire 3 step process!

Upon purchase of this product, you will receive a link to access the tutorial along with the written recipe and detailed product list.


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