Certified Home Decor Artist Training Course

Do you love to decorate your own home and your friends' homes and would love to turn it into a biz?
Do you swoon over wallpaper finishes and would love to learn how to create them for yourself?
Do you think it's impossible to expand your furniture painting biz with babies at home?
Do you dream of running your own Home Decor Artist business, but you don't have the confidence to do it and you worry your not good enough?
Certified Home Decor Artist Training Program tm

In this training course you will:

*Learn how to expand your furniture painting biz into the Home Decor Artist industry.

*How to setup and run a profitable Home Decor Artist company where I teach you all the planning, organizing, setup and marketing so you have a successful Home Decor Artist business!

*Learn how the proper way to estimate projects so you're not guessing and hoping you make money.  Learn how to develop a "cost per square foot".

*You will receive a copy of my actual contract for you to use as a template and make your own.  Learn "how" and "why" you must use a contract and written documentation

*Students will create one dozen portfolio ready samples in the comfort of your own home.   All of the techniques you will learn are "sellable techniques" that you can use immediately in your portfolio to wow your client base!

*You will receive a box by mail with all the materials to complete your portfolio.

*Take away all the confusion with step by step recipes for each decorative painting technique where you will have downloadable videos you can watch over again.

*You will receive downloadable literature on surface preparation, tool selection, proper basecoats and topcoats, etc.

*Learn how to take a high end wall finish and modify it for cabinetry or furniture or modify a cabinet finish to be done on floors or a countertop

*Learn how to decorate and stage homes as an added revenue stream in your business.

*Direct access to Stacey Van Gundy through live Q&A's every week, where you can ask her about her business, techniques, or problem solving.

*You will obtain the confidence to recreate finishes with confidence every time!



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