How To Create A Coffee Bar

Jun 13, 2021 | DIY Furniture, Stacey Designs Home | 0 comments

Coffee bars have been all the rage for several years and they don’t look like they are going out of style any time soon!

You can actually use just about anything to create a coffee bar. All that’s really needed is a designated space for all your coffee items. The only thing required is it must be fun!

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I love coffee so much I actually have 2 coffee bars! One is upstairs in my kitchen where we have our normal drip coffee maker. This one sits on my kitchen counter. It’s marked out with a vintage metal tray that was originally used for plants. It works perfectly to keep all the coffee items corralled!

My other coffee bar is downstairs and is my favorite! My sister-in-law was throwing away a cordenza and of course I snatched it up! Just a little paint to change it into a driftwood finish is all it needed! I then added my Keurig coffee maker. I picked up some vintage diner glass carafes to house powdered creamer and sugar. And of course a coffee candle is a must have. I picked up the large glass jars from The Dollar Tree several years ago. They have been used all over my house, but now make a perfect spot to hold all the Keurig cups.

Cordenza turned Coffee Bar

Coffee bars can be the perfect spot to house souvenirs from traveling too! When Jason and I went to visit Magnolia in Waco a couple years ago, we had sweet tea in the courtyard. They put your tea in these amazing sweet tea mason jars complete with lids and straws. Of course the make an amazing addition.

No coffee bar is complete without a little Rae Dunn. My daughter got Jason and I the “his and hers” matching set. The little drawers on the cupboard house all the tea bags. And of course no coffee bar is complete without a “coffee bar sign”. You can find a really cute one here.

I store the extra coffee items in the vintage Pepsi Co crate. I picked up the little coffee box on the bottom shelf from a garage sale. I use it as a little trash for the used Keurig cups.

We decided to make this little niche extra special by adding a coffee sack we brought back from Kauai when we visited a coffee plantation. On the other wall is a vintage crib spring hung on the wall where our collection of coffee mugs from everywhere we’ve traveled are.

It’s just so much fun to have something to collect when traveling and bring it back home. Pour myself a cup of joe and remember the wonderful times we had!

I also created a coffee bar by turning an old dresser into a coffee bar! All that’s needed is a cute sign and of course the drawers labeled “tea” and “coffee” are perfect for all the beverages. The great thing about coffee bars is you can put them anywhere. This one was sold to a lady that put it in her dining room! How fun is that!

Vintage Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

If you have a little niche somewhere that isn’t being utilized, a coffee bar is perfect! If you haven’t thought about adding one to your home, I suggest you give it a go!