When we started our kitchen remodel, Drywall Hubby was adamant we install a range hood.  To be honest, I was unsure if I was going to like it.  I mean…our stove was on the island in the MIDDLE of our kitchen!  I knew from the start that I didn’t want the popular stainless/glass hoods of today.  While functional and modern, I wanted something a little more custom.  It’s also fair to mention that my husbands company builds custom range hoods.  So…no brainer here…he will build one for our kitchen and I will apply an artistic finish to it, like we’ve done countless of times in clients homes.  NOPE…Drywall Hubby was not interested in building me a custom range hood.  (In his defense, it was probably because he was knee deep in our kitchen remodel and didn’t want to add one more thing to his “to do” list) So what’s a gal to do???


I headed on over to our local ReStore (where I find all things great for up cycling) and what do I spot? A range hood! It is perfect!  I knew I wanted to create a zinc finish with rivets so the wood buttons already on it would be perfect!  And the price…a mere $40 bucks!  I mean…you just can’t beat that!

I excitingly bring it home and coheres my son into holding it up for me so I can look at it.  Yep…I like it!  Now it has to pass Drywall Hubby’s inspection to make sure it will actually work.  He’s got to make sure he can order the correct size exhaust fan to install inside of it and the height is good…all the things I don’t think about.

It passes his Drywall Hubby’s inspection!  We ended up adding crown to it and molding on the bottom to make it the correct proportion we were looking for.  I then applied one of my favorite paint finishes, which is my zinc finish.  I’ve did dozens of range hoods over the years in several variations of this finish.  Sometimes they’ve been darker, almost charcoal and sometimes lighter.  I’ve even add some “rust” sometimes to make it look even more authentic.  I like this finish because it is so versatile and can be changed depending on the style of the space.   For my kitchen I went with a more light/medium tone as I didn’t want it to look like a big dark thing in the middle of my space.

Here it is all finished!  I love the way it turned out and it really adds that extra “oompa loompa” I was looking for when designing our kitchen.  Purchasing a used surround and updating the finish or even updating the finish on your existing range hood is an amazing budget friendly way of updating your space!