Benjamin Moore Scuff-X on Furniture

Oct 8, 2022 | DIY Furniture, Painting Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X on furniture paint review.

I needed a paint that I could spray quickly on some rattan chairs, that didn’t require a primer and would cover in 2 coats.  I also needed it to dry quickly.  When I went to my local Benjamin Moore retailer, they recommended BM Scuff-X. I picked up a couple gallons and decided to give it a try!

Green rattan chairs I painted with BM Scuff-X for a client

Due to its thick nature, I decided to use my airless rather than my HVLP.

Since I had this beautiful green paint in my sprayer, I decided to paint a china hutch I had on hand at the same time.  I do this quite often to save time.

This china hutch will be up for sale in the not so distant future.  Painting a piece to sell at the same time as a custom piece is a great way to save time and money in your furniture painting biz.  I have an ebook where you can learn 5 ways to make money in your furniture painting biz.

Green hutch in process of painting with BM Scuff-X. You can see how the paint is still wet.

Now since, I was painting a bright green, I wasn’t extremely worried about tannins seeping through my finish.  And I really wanted to see how the coverage was with Scuff-X

The number one thing I noticed is it runs quite easily. I think this is due to its quick dry time.  Also, I was spraying rattan chairs, which is super hard because they have so many angles and everything is round.  It’s really easy to get a heavy spot!  The nice thing was that because it dries quick, I could easily slice off a drip or sag, sand smooth and respray area.

Green Cabinet painted with BM Scuff-X. i also added some hand painted poppies to bring it up a notch.

I would say the finished product looks quite good for more of a “work horse” paint.

I know several painters that use it for trim, doors and banisters in homes where there are kids, because it holds up to daily use so well. That being said, I wouldn’t use it for all my furniture painting needs. Probably only if I was in a pinch.

Finished Kelly Green painted cabinet in BM Scuff-X

I hope you enjoyed this paint review and it was informative!   I love to do paint reviews, so if you have a paint product you would like me to look at, feel free to let me know and I will be sure and review it.  You can also take a look at my paint review of General Finishes Milk Paint Review.