Before and After Jacobean Buffet

Jan 20, 2020 | DIY Furniture, Painting Tips and Tricks | 5 comments

The day I found this piece I was actually at another ladies sale in a nearby town.  I had picked up a few small things but didn’t find anything significant.  Heading home slightly disappointed I spotted another sale sign on the side of the road. I immediately headed toward the action to do a “drive by”.  Spotting several pieces of furniture from the road I decided stop in.  As I made my way around picking up smalls and adding them to a pile I had going by the homeowner, I spot this amazing Jacobean sideboard.  “Is this for sale?” I ask. “Yes, it is” the homeowner tells me.  I gave it a once over and could see it needed A LOT of work!  Veneer peeling, water damaged front, one of the feet is half missing.  The outer layers were in bad shape, but the piece itself was solid.  Perfect for an update!

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First things first.  All the loose veneer had to be peeled off and filled in with wood filler.  A custom foot with wood modeling epoxy had to be created and attached to the damaged one to repair. Everything had to be sanded really good because it had a loose, crackly finish on it.  Then I applied BIN white pigmented shellac primer to even out the finish and keep any of those dark tannins typical of this type of vintage furniture to show through. Once all the necessities were accomplished, I started painting it a custom turquoise color but immediately decided it was too light.

The next step was to mix up a custom glaze in a deeper turquoise color and apply it to the entire piece.  My favorite glaze is Modern Masters Furniture and Cabinetry Glazing Cream along with Modern Masters Glazing Colors and Proceed Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics to create my custom turquoise color.  It looked so much better at this point, but was just a tad bright for me.  I then used a custom dark brown glaze I had already made and hit the entire piece with that and added extra detail in the crevices with an artist brush. A coat of poly acrylic to set everything and give it that fine furniture feel I love!

The turquoise really set off this piece and complimented the antique walnut finish I had done to the top.  (A post about how I refinished the top will be coming soon!)

I am so thrilled with how this piece came out!  It was a labor of love but with a little patience, you can go from a piece of trash to a piece to treasure forever!