“Everyone deserves to have a home they love!”

I am a wife, mom, and grandma, and I have been a Decorative Artist for the past 20 years. I married my husband, Jason, 35 years ago when I was just 18.  Our journey of parenthood began when we had our first child at 19 and our last born when I was only 26. It was a wild ride, but we wouldn’t change a thing!

As a stay-at-home mom with 4 babies, I never could have imagined where life would take me. But here I am today, expressing my creativity through painting and design. I have always had a passion for decorating my home and transforming it with new finishes. I remember laying out cabinet doors on our ping pong table to research and paint them. In my laundry room, I even painted the concrete floor with a custom stencil. Along the way, I watched DIY shows religiously, and the motto “You Can Do It” became engraved in my brain.

Living on a tight budget with 4 children can be challenging when it comes to home decor. But I learned how to make our home beautiful by using fine furniture and wall finishes. It became a space we could be proud of and truly love. Taking my first decorative painting course was a turning point. I left my husband with the 4 kids for the first time, and when I returned, he had a newfound appreciation for all that I do. It was then that I embarked on one of the largest decorative painting projects of my career.

In my younger days, I used to accompany my grandma to the best auctions, where she would pick up amazing pieces of furniture and transform them into works of art. She taught me that the way a piece “felt” was vital. This experience greatly influenced my design style, which I like to call “Rustic Glam.” I adore the luxurious feeling of a shiny, classic piece of furniture paired with a gold chandelier, contrasted with the rustic charm of an old door or wood beam. The mix of styles creates a timeless and elegant look.

Today, I am thrilled with where my business has taken me. I run a successful decorative painting company, working with wonderful people who allow me to create stunning finishes in their homes. It brings me so much joy to help them finally love their space. I am excited to share my designer finishes and tutorials with you!

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey! Stay tuned for more inspiration and tips!

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