5 Things You Need To Know When Packing For Hawaii

Feb 11, 2023 | Travel Tips | 0 comments

Jason and I have been to Hawaii four times and are headed back again in 2023 for the fifth time! I don’t know about you, but I really like to start the planning process for our vacations early.  This gives me a chance to purchase anything we might need way ahead of time.  Try out that new pair of hiking boots before I get out on a trail and end up with blisters!  There’s basically 5 things I keep in mind when packing for our Hawaii trip.  If you’re on the fence about a Hawaii vacation, checkout my blog post  5 Reasons Why We Vacation in Hawaii.I’m sure it will help you makeup your mind to take the plunge!

1.  It rains a lot!

Jason and Stacey at a Luau caught in the rain

We got in the rain while at a luau!

Remember you are heading tropical island! Which means it’s always rainy somewhere on the island!  The last time we visited Kauai, we stayed by Wailua, which is pretty centrally located on the island.  The more North you go toward Princeville, the more rainy it is, the more South you go toward Waimea, the more sunny it is.   Since we were more centrally located, we got the best of both worlds!  It’s not uncommon though to head out on a bright sunny day and have a down pour come that leaves as fast as it arrives!  Some of the best hiking treks are through natural rainforests, which again provide for a lot of rain.  These rains are typically fairly warm, but if you’re not into having wet clothes, I recommend a lightweight waterproof raincoat like this one that’s easy to travel with!

2.   It’s super sunny!
Jason and Stacey on a kayak on Kauai

Jason and I kayaking on the Wailua River in Kauai.

Hawaii is known for its lush vegetation and beautiful flowers.  I can smell them now!  We all know plants love humidity!  Because of that, moisture wicking clothing is my best friend!  I’m not a big workout gear person, but if you are and that’s what you like, I say go for it!  Personally, I prefer lightweight shorts that dry super quick, like these Columbia ones and I nice moisture wicking tank.  Regular t-shirts always feel a little too hot and sticky.

3. There’s a ton of outdoor activities!
picture of a forest of pine and eucalyptus in upcountry Maui

Waihou Spring Trail on Maui

Hawaii is definitely not just for the beach goers!  There is SO much to do, even if you never went to the beach!  I’m already compiling a list of hikes to go on that we missed last time!  See Hawaii from a helicopter for that amazing arial view!  Go 4-wheeling in the mountains or go horseback riding to a hidden beach on Kauai.  Do a Haleakala downhill bike tour on Maui or walk through a bamboo forest! Making sure you are packing for all of the fun things you are going to do is super important!  Keep in mind that most 4-wheeling trips, horseback riding, and zip-lining tours require you to have “closed-toe” shoes.  You can definitely bring your favorite pair of hiking boots, but I find a good pair of all-terrain sandals work just as well.  A pair of Keen’s like these will work great for walking on trails, lava rocks, and for all your activities plus these are named “Banyan Tree” after the famous trees you will find on Hawaii!

4.  Hawaii is super casual!
Jason and I at the beach in Kona, Hawaii

We took our last photo in Kona, Hawaii before heading back to the mainland!

Nobody dresses up in Hawaii!  The most dressed up you will see people is ladies will wear their favorite Hawaiian sundress and men will wear a nice polo shirt with golf shorts….and that’s if you’re heading to a fancy dinner!  Ahh…but of course all the ladies will have flowers in their hair.  Don’t forget, left ear if you are married or unavailable and right side is the opposite!

5.  You’re surrounded by ocean!
Picture of the Maui mountains taken from the water.

Maui, Hawaii from the water when we were on a kayak, whale watching trip.

The absolute best thing about being on an island, is that you are surrounded by water!  You’re going to be spending A LOT of time in the ocean or at least on the beach!  Snorkeling is an absolute MUST!  I highly recommend doing a boat snorkeling tour but there is also some amazing places to snorkel on your own!  Watching the whales and taking a leisurely walk on the beach is a must do!  I like to find swimsuits that can do double duty as a top and swimwear so I don’t have to change clothes!  And of course you’re going to need cover-ups.  It’s easy to throw one on and feel dressed up enough to head into a restaurant!

Since I’m packing right now, I created a master “Hawaii Packing List” to share with you!  You can snag your copy HERE!