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 We believe that every wall tells a story, and we pride ourselves on our ability to bring those stories to life through our distinctive artistic designs. From murals and textured art finishes, faux boise, fine furniture finishes, and bespoke artwork, each project is meticulously tailored to reflect the space of our clients.ect the individual tastes and preferences of our clients.

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Showcasing a wide range of extraordinary projects, each bearing the hallmark of Stacey’s creativity and dedication. Whether it’s transforming a plain fireplace into a stunning textured mural, adding depth and character to a kitchen with unique faux finishes, or creating striking focal points with custom artwork, Stacey’s designs bring a touch of magic to every space. Collaborate with us and let Stacey transform your home into a masterpiece of artistry and inspiration!

We believe in the power of creativity to transform spaces and elevate experiences. Founded with a passion for artistic design excellence and a commitment to client satisfaction, Stacey’s art studio is dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Are you passionate about DIY and Faux Finishing? Join us in unleashing your creativity through the colorful world of painting and creating!

About Me

Hi, I’m Stacey Van Gundy! I am a talented decorative artist, fine artist, business owner, and experienced educator. With a passion for creating stunning multi-layered artistic finishes on decor surfaces, I meticulously use only the finest products to elevate the aesthetic value of your home. Having collaborated with top-notch designers, homeowners, and contractors for over 25 years, my expertise is unparalleled. Additionally, I offer immersive in-person decorative painting workshops and engaging online tutorials, empowering artists from diverse backgrounds to master the art of decorative painting. As a dedicated advocate for the decorative arts community, I am thrilled to introduce The Certified Decorative Artist Training Course – an exclusive program designed to equip aspiring artists with the essential tools and knowledge to establish a successful and profitable Decorative Artist company. Join me on this transformative journey into the world of decorative artistry!

Stacey can do literally anything you can dream up!  She can paint surfaces to look like the highest end furniture, actually better.  She painted a beautiful armoire for me.  she painted a table base for me to match my wood sideboard and it is fabulous.  She can paint anything.  She painted a desk base for me to match a gold etageres I purchased.  It is beautiful.  In addition, she painted my powder room in a glaze type finish that looks like beautiful wallpaper, only it’s the color I wanted!  Stacey is super professional and fun to interact with, highly recommend!
-Vicki W.




Rain Campaign Art Piece Mural

Rain Campaign Art Piece Mural

I was asked last summer to repair an art piece and custom paint a mural of Iowa native wildflowers on it.   The art piece had been commissioned by Polk County Public Works several years ago to be completed.  It was created to bring awareness to Polk County's Rain...